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Building Cleaning

    Gently, sparkling clean and environmentally friendly Our employees who are regularly trained and familiar with all cleaning methods ensure a consistently flawless cleaning experience.
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House Keeping

    Well-kept and comfortable accommodation is important to your guests, because cleanliness creates a feeling of well-being and a high level of comfort. Your customers then associate these with quality and a good image. So when it comes to hotelkeeping, trust a partner who focuses on quality - TAJ cleaning service We have gained our experience from numerous customers in the hotel industry and are therefore aware of the high quality standards. Our reliable and experienced staff is at your disposal with one extensive range of services available to cover your wishes and needs as well as every area in your hotel. In addition to a careful, hygienic and environmentally friendly way of working, our trained staff is also friendly and courteous in dealing with your guests. With a schedule and scope of services tailored to your hotel, we integrate our services perfectly into your daily routine. Contact us today for your individual offer tailored to your needs.

Office Cleaning

    Your employees spend most of their time in the office. Daily use and large numbers of people quickly leave traces that should be removed as quickly as possible and continuously in order to keep the premises attractive for employees, customers or business partners. Cleaning service TAJ is your reliable and thorough partner who is based on your wishes and expectations and keeps offices of all sizes clean and tidy. Your tailor-made cleaning solution for your office space includes services tailored to your needs as well as experienced and competent staff as well as a schedule tailored to you. Through the continuous and high quality cleaning of your office space, you create a working environment in which everyone likes to come to work.

Stair Cleaning

    Cleaning stairs is not just something for a nice and clean impression. Safety and hygiene also play an important role here. Whether for apartment buildings, commercial properties or in the public sector, our building cleaners clean every staircase equally thoroughly and reliably. A pre-determined cleaning plan, which our building cleaners adhere to 100%, is used for this purpose.

Glass Cleaning

    We clean your windows
    Glass surfaces require regular cleaning and care - not only for functional, but also for representative reasons. This applies to windows as well as to entire glass surfaces and glass roofs. We clean window glass inside and outside, regularly including the frame or at specific points according to customer requirements. Our other services include the cleaning and care of glass surfaces and glass facades on office buildings and other commercial properties as well as the cleaning and care of glass roofs, shop windows, glass partitions and mirror surfaces. Depending on the degree of soiling and the frame material (aluminum, plastic, wood), we use special cleaning and care products. The professional execution of the work is guaranteed by our professionally qualified staff. Let us advise you comprehensively and make a suitable and cost-effective offer for you. We look forward to your inquiry.

Maintenance Cleaning

    Who doesn’t know that: your tables, cupboards, toilet facilities etc. don’t make the impression you want? As an experienced and competent service provider with the knowledge and the necessary care for the cleaning and care of your business premises or your company, with our maintenance cleaning we ensure that you no longer have to deal with this problem. Maintenance cleaning means that one or more cleaners make office and business premises as well as other business or public areas clean and tidy again in a fixed cycle. It does not matter whether the cleaning has to be done daily (several times if necessary), on workdays, three times a week, once a month or however often, whether we have to arrive early in the morning or late in the evening. We are always there when you need us.